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We at One Creation Media are skilled visual storytellers who are passionate about using video to bring stories to life. For businesses, our team of professionals offers top-notch post-production, editing, and video production services. We offer the following services: Consultation and Strategy, video production, distribution, and microcontent Creation.

Client requirements

  • As a Video Production agency, our client wanted to create a mobile-friendly website. He also had a special need for an optimized, SEO-friendly website that loads quickly. Additionally, he wanted to execute SEO and see results. Additionally, the customer requested a clean, appealing layout for his website.

Client Name

Eddie Chin



Project Duration

15 Days

Team Size

2 Resources

Front End

React js



Other Tools




Challenges and Solutions

Although building a website for a video production firm can present a number of difficulties, we have conquered them and developed a strong online presence.

Content Strategy

Challenge: deciding which information to include and how to present it on the client's website.

Solution: Determine the target audience and their preferences first. Showcase their services, portfolio, and the special value that their business has to offer. Use a combination of text, graphics, and video to effectively communicate their point.

Loading Speed

Challenge: Large video files might make websites take longer to load.

Solution: Streamline videos for the web. To ensure quicker page loads, compress videos without compromising on quality, think about employing a content delivery network (CDN), and use lazy loading.

SEO and Visibility

Challenge: Ensuring that the client's website receives organic traffic and ranks well in search engines.

Solution: Use SEO best practices, including relevant keyword usage, meta tag optimization, alt text addition to photos and videos, and the creation of informative blog posts about video production.

Portfolio Showcase

Challenge: Creating a website that attracts visitors while showcasing a client's video portfolio

Solution: Sort the portfolio into different project categories. used showreels or video thumbnails to provide visitors with a brief summary of the client's work.

Services offered

One Media Creation creates extraordinary videos that achieve results, not just videos. Period.

Consultation and Strategy

To develop a tailored video marketing strategy for you, we thoroughly investigate your company and your objectives.

Video Production

Do not have any prior video-making experience. Be at ease! We continually work to simplify things for you.


The magic happens right here! We understand how to present the videos to the appropriate audience, unlike everyone else.

Microcontent Creation

We provide you with a very efficient content generation method to raise your internet visibility to a level you have never experienced.

Client Feedback

” I recently enjoyed working with the iCode49 Team. The entire procedure was smooth and expertly executed. My expectations were exceeded by the adaptable website the team was able to produce in response to my requests.

I heartily endorse the iCode49 Team to any company seeking to boost productivity. They have a skilled workforce that consistently produces excellent work and is committed to keeping its clients happy. I appreciate your wonderful service.”


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