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MEAN is the acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular JS, & Node.js. MEAN stack is a web development solution that holds a collection of JavaScript technologies to develop web applications. It has all the essential tools required for developers to build robust, scalable, and flexible stack web applications.

Developers don’t have to work on different platforms if they use MEAN. iCode49 is a top-notch MEAN Stack development company that offers the best mean stack development services. We have subject matter experts for quality MEAN stack development services.

Benefits Of Choosing MERN Stack developers For Your Business

Optimal Stack

All the technologies that MERN comprises are completely free and open source. There’s also a robust React community that can help one solve complex problems at different junctures. This makes MERN a self-sufficient and complete stack. That is why our MERN stack developers can build an amazing web app at an affordable price.


MERN technologies are flexible when used interchangeably. For example, if you write code in Node JS and port it to React JS, the code will run smoothly with intact features, no data loss, and minimal issues. It helps MERN stack developers to save time and effort in writing code from scratch.


As 3 out of 4 techs are based on JavaScript, it makes them super compatible with each other. The presence of a single coding language makes it possible to avoid context switching and share code across all tiers. So, the compatibility feature makes the life of MERN stack developers easy-breezy.

Lightning Fast Performance

The features of the component technologies such as single page application, quick retrieval from MongoDB, and stunning visuals from React JS help effectively. They create a hassle-free and smooth user experience.


MERN ensures a seamless and smooth development as it supports MVC architecture or Model View Controller. MVC makes the code’s reusability, maintenance, and coordination easier between different development team members.


Components are the building blocks of React. The amalgamation of different components constitutes your page or complete view. It allows the coder to focus on one thing at a time while encapsulating the view, how it is rendered, and the state of data.

Applications of MERN Stack
When you hire a dedicated MERN stack developer from icode49 you ensure the success of the software product. We know how crucial MERN technology has become so it is used in various industries for software development. That is why it has various applications in real life. Our offshore MERN stack developers have built apps for many international clients. So, they know why developing web applications has become crucial.

Interactive UI/UX Development

We can help you by creating an engaging and intuitive user interface that delivers high-end web applications. An engaging UI and UX is the key to creating an instant attraction and lasting impact on your users.

Single Page App Development

Develop single-page applications for your users that dynamically update your webpage as your user interacts with your page. This feature can improve your website’s speed significantly. Likewise, building user friendly web applications is also easy.

Custom Widget Development

React allows us to build reusable user interface components called widgets. Each widget promotes practical solutions to complex problems. The changes in the components can easily be modified.

MVC Architecture Support

MVC (Model View Controller) architecture separates the input, processing, and output of an application, and smoothens the development process. We can build apps using MVC that is fast, easy to update, and debug.

Full Stack Development

One doesn’t need to hire full-stack web developers separately, as MERN caters to the entire spectrum of website application development due to its full-stack development environment. Our team of experienced developers masters each of the component technologies.

Lightning-Fast Apps

We can create lightning-fast web apps for you, using MERN. Here, ‘React’ exercises its feature of Virtual DOM updating the view in a web application in a more efficient and fast way.

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Hire a MERN Stack Developers from us to make your {code} great.

MERN Stack

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Frequently asked questions

What is MERN stack development?

MERN stack is a collection of technologies MongoDB, Express, React, and Node and is used to develop an app or website. It is a full-stack development framework that allows developers to build scalable apps and websites in a short time and under the budget of the clients.

Is MERN better than MEAN stack?

In the MERN stack reactjs library, and in the MEAN stack angularjs framework is used. MERN stack has effective community support of open-source. What type of app or website do you want? According to the need of the project, you can pick tech stacks, so both have their importance, but MERN is getting more traffic for app development.

What are the significances of choosing the MERN stack?

MERN stack is an open-source technology, easy to use, and provides powerful UI development. In addition, this tech stack requires less time to develop value products.

How to hire MERN stack developers?

Be clear about the business idea and write down your project description. Now contact any top iOS app development service providers. Check their skill-set and which technology they use to develop apps. Contact the customer care executives in case of doubt.

What is the cost of MERN stack app development?

The lowest price of the MERN stack app development is $15-18. Well, the cost depends on the skills and experience of the developers and most importantly the length and complexity level of the project. A full-stack and efficient developer takes around $80-100 to build a MERN stack app.

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