“24 SEVEN FLIX4U” Provides the platforms for upcoming filmmakers, offering them an Exclusive Category to shine in. 24 Seven Flix4u provides a heaven for these creative minds, allowing them to showcase their talents without fear of judgment. Filmmakers can stream their movies and content every Friday, promoting and earning on a Pay-Per-View basis while retaining their copyrights.

Client requirements

The customer is seeking a Mobile App Development for his future OTT Platform that will provide complete transparency to distributors and partners. There is no single platform on the market that delivers complete transparency to distributors regarding their movie earnings and analytics. We accepted the job, developed a complete system based on the client’s specifications, and delivered it on time.

Client Name

Jeet Matharu



Project Duration

35 Days

Team Size

5 Resources


React Native, Python, Node Js

Other Tools

Jeera, Figma



Testing Tool


Challenges and Solutions

A lot of challenges must be overcome during the OTT platform’s development to assure its success. The following are some common challenges and potential solutions that we have provided

Bridging the Gap

Challenge: Filmmakers and individuals lack the means to submit their films and short films to reputable OTT platforms.

Solution: Our system provides the bridge between aspiring Independent Filmmakers and quality-starved viewers. We aim to be the platform that brings these two groups together, fostering a dynamic exchange of creativity and entertainment.

Content Submission

Challenge: Content creators must input movie details via Gmail or other online tool, and managing the content is a time-consuming effort.

Solution: We have streamlined the process for content creators worldwide. Our app features a DIGITAL SUBMISSION FORM, eliminating intermediaries and enabling creators to connect with us directly.

Platform Compatibility

Challenge: Ensure compatibility between devices and operating systems.

Solution: delivered cross-platform system and did flawless integration with smart TVs, mobile devices, and iPad & Tablet devices.

Technological Advancements

Challenge: Keeping up with changing technologies and user expectations.

Solution: Regularly adding new features to the platform, (such as AI), and undertake market research to identify changing trends.

Top Notched Features
User-Friendly Interface

A clean, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate interface contributes to a positive user experience.

High-Quality Streaming

we provides a superior viewing experience, adjusting video quality based on the user's internet connection

Collaborator Login

We give a login for collaborators to control their movie earnings and analytics, ensuring complete transparency.

Complete TVOD Model

The entire system is developed for TVOD Model, you can pay only for what you want to see.

Client Feedback

Kudos to iCode49 Team, They have successfully delivered our OTT platform in just few weeks. Excellent technical knowledge, outstanding customer service, and steadfast commitment to our success.


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