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iCode49  is a leading app development firm that specializes in building
scalable & fast applications for big and small businesses. Moreover, we have experience in the fields of development, designing, & deploying applications. When you hire Flutter app developers from iCode49, you get the best Flutter app development services for different industries such as travel, eCommerce, finance, and more.

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Flutter App Development Benifits

iCode49, a Flutter app development company, to get the best app development services? Know the reasons below that attracted various enterprises to us.

Own Widgets Creation

Flutter framework lets you use built-in as well as new tools to create widgets based on the business requirements. A collection of widgets is available in its library that provides developers with great flexibility to make choices. We offer Widgets app development services as per need.

High Performance

Apps developed in the Flutter give high performance. This is why most enterprises find it the best framework. For this, the Flutter tool kit contains every library which is responsible for fast and effective performance. So, our project manager and Flutter app developers can provide a robust and effective app easily for Android platforms.

Custom UI

There are several libraries in Flutter that developers can use to create app’s UI. Moreover, Flutter is a user-friendly framework for an Android app, which is why the developers have to face fewer issues while writing code for designing the app. Besides, they can develop two apps using the same UI design code.

Smooth User Experience

Despite being a new platform, Flutter has got a lot of features. It allows application developers to provide a smooth user experience so that users love to use the app. And you can add value to the business. It’s so easy to learn, compared to other frameworks that even newbies are using it to develop cross-platform applications.

Single Coding Structure

It is the most loved thing by the app owners, and they can get apps developed with a single code to run on multiple platforms rather than developing separate apps to run on every distinct OS. It saves time, resources, and especially to meet the ‘go-to market’ deadlines for every platform. So, you can launch it on app stores soon.

Why Choose iCode49 Flutter App Development

Hot Reloading

Hot-reloading helps the developers and designers to coordinate properly. Especially, when they have to make changes in the UI designs. By doing so, they can see the changes in the app in real-time. So, hot-reloading saves time and effort put in by the developers.

No Delay

Since flutter allows speedy and effective development, it's easy to complete the project on time. You will not have to delay the plans to launch the app and start the business. This open-source mobile UI framework has many tools that help to fasten the process.


Budget is a crucial factor to define the complexity of the app. If you choose Flutter for your app development, you can have a beautiful, robust, and engaging app at a low price. So, due to the cost-effectiveness of this technology, you can save money and use it for improvements in your business.

Consistent UI

When you hire our top Flutter app development agency, we make sure you get an impressive and consistent UI in designing. Likewise, the app design should look proper in the different screen sizes. So, the UI of every element should behave uniformly. Moreover, it should give a constant user experience.

Impressive Design

Your app idea can turn into a beautiful app. Flutter contains several libraries and tools, with which front-end developers can create impressive designs for the app. Engaging designs attract more people and help to increase traffic on your app. As a result, it helps to increase the leads and grow your business.

No Compatibility Issues

People can use mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tabs, and any other devices to use your app. In this case, your app must be compatible to run on cross-platforms and different devices. So, it should be responsive for convenient use. When you get Flutter app development services from Technource,

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Frequently asked questions

How much should I have to spend on the Flutter app development?

A team of developers has to focus on various things while developing a Flutter app or any other app. And these things and factors determine the final cost of app development. If the size of the project is big, then the price can be higher than normal. Even the features you want in the app, the languages, and the tools used in the Flutter app affect the cost of the app.

Today most businesses want their apps to be developed in Flutter. It is because Flutter is easy to use, and apps developed using it can work on multiple operating systems by using a single code base. It was developed by Google and is an open-source software development kit. Developing a cross-platform application is possible with Flutter, which is the need of the hour.

What are the main advantages of using Flutter?

Google reported a more than 78% hike in the Flutter apps on the Play Store. According to Statista, more than 40% of developers use Flutter, and till now, more than 90,000 apps are developed using the Flutter framework. Here are the advantages of using Flutter for development.

  • Developers can build Flutter apps that run effectively on cross-platforms
  • Flutter app development takes less time than other frameworks
  • Flutter is easy to learn, and the developers have to use only a single code-base
  • Delivers excellent performance for app development
  • The same UI works for different platforms
  • Takes less time to develop code
  • Provides robust architecture for app development
How long does it take to develop an app using Flutter?

 iCode49, the best Flutter development company doesn’t leave any stone unturned to offer quality cross-platform apps. So, it can take 2-8 months to develop an app. Well, the time depends on the project size, technology, and requirements. Moreover, the developers have to understand the business objectives of the client. Technource also offers app maintenance support in case your app has some problems and needs to fix bugs.

What types of apps can you make with Flutter?

We can develop all types of apps with the help of our dedicated teams that work on Flutter. They add features to the app that complements it in an impressive way. For this, the developers analyze the existing apps in the market which makes the development an easy process. Since flutter is a full-fledged SDK, we can develop different types of software with it. Likewise, we use suitable hardware and software for mobile development.

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